Hello from Simone

Hello from Simone

Photography by Andrew Yee

For as long as I can remember I have loved magazines. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, they satisfied my curiosity, stoked my wanderlust, shaped my eye and connected me to a much larger world beyond my own.

Hello from Simone

So much has changed since then. We now live in a digital world, with vast oceans of information at our fingertips. Today, media is effortlessly consumed and integrated into every corner of our lives.

Yet I’ve found myself longing for the slow-burn magic once promised by my favorite magazines. I wondered whether there was some way I could combine the best of both: the immediacy and versatility of digital publishing with the considered and escapist experience of a print magazine. Margot, our quarterly publication, bridges those two worlds.

I also saw an opportunity to evolve the conversation that began with The Silver Women, broadening the scope to include women of all ages. Margot is about exploring the essence of a woman, and for me, that is more likely to be defined by passion and curiosity, resilience and determination, rather than age. These qualities fill the pages of Margot's issues, which feature women from their early 20s through to their 90s.

So what's the golden thread that distinguishes a Margot woman? True passion, like that of my hero Margot Fonteyn, a prima ballerina who inspired both the publication name and my early vision of an inspirational modern woman. I am drawn to those like Fonteyn, women who possess a sense of purpose, pursue beauty and bring joy into the world for themselves and others.

I think of Margot as that fascinating woman you have the pleasure of being seated next to at a dinner party. She's elegant, warm and witty, and overflowing with invaluable tips she'll generously share. Margot's content reflects the things in life that enrich me, whether it’s style, travel, food or interiors. These personal stories, full of passion and insight, are reminders that we have much to learn from each other through all stages of our lives.


Simone Silverman