Charmaine Landicho Baechle’s Entertaining Essentials

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Charmaine Landicho Baechle’s Entertaining Essentials

Whether hosting a crowd during the holidays, or an intimate group of friends over weeknight cocktails, let this list be your primer for an effortless, stress-free gathering.

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For Charmaine Landicho Baechle, Events Director at the non-profit catering company City Beet Kitchens, you could say that hosting is practically second nature. Whether she’s crafting a seasonal menu for clients to serve guests by the dozens, or bringing together a handful of friends over delicious Chicken Adobo—a nod to her Filipino heritage—Landicho Baechle has perfected the art of entertaining with elegance, ease, and charm. Here she shares her shortlist of pantry essentials and favorite tabletop items to ensure a smooth and memorable gathering, no matter the occasion.

1. While I’ve been lucky enough to inherit some gorgeous heirloom linens and cutlery, I’m currently swooning over this stunning set by Christofle. These beautiful pieces will elevate even the most simple dishes.


24-Piece Mood Silver Plated Flatware Service - The cutlery is stored in a decorative silver egg-shaped case with a walnut wood interior disk


Bergdorf Goodman

2. Double handles make the task of hefting large cast-iron pans out of the oven or from the stovetop much easier. You can carry the pan more easily to the table—where it also happens to look great as a centerpiece.


Cast Iron Perfect Pan in Forest


Neiman Marcus

3. Two absolute “must-haves” for any well-stocked pantry. 


Frankie’s 457

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frankies 457

Maldon Salt

Maldon Salt

Sea Salt Flakes

Maldon Salt

4. I reach for this constantly: before guests arrive, after everyone’s cleared out, whenever there’s a dry spill… it’s small, but mighty.


Dyson Humdinger Handheld Vacuum



5. If you really want to spoil your guests, chef Dufour’s gorgeous selection of charcuteries—made in New York using classic French techniques—rival some of Paris’ finest offerings.


Dufour Gourmet

Charcuterie Fine By Chef Aurelien Dufour

Dufour Gourmet


Dufour Gourmet

Charcuterie Board Trio Sampler - A Traditional Selection of Pâté de Campagne, Pork Rillettes and Chicken Liver Mousse

Dufour Gourmet

6. Add a little greenery to liven up the table. Bloomist’s stunningly realistic faux botanicals can be used on their own, or to help fill out fresh arrangements.

Bloomist EcoFaux Green Amaranthus Spray Dried Flowers in Green/Black, 49


Ecofaux Green Amaranthus Spray



7. Don’t waste good wine.



Steel Vacuum Wine Preserver With Stoppers


8. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need a special occasion for using cloth napkins. Sferra’s colorful offerings are classic and elevated, without feeling overly fussy.


Festival Linen Dinner Napkins, Set of 4



9. I always change into a statement dress before welcoming my guests. My requirements: it must be comfortable, and preferably worn barefoot.


Off-the-Shoulder Poplin Dress 


Bergdorf Goodman

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