The Bright Side


Photography by Andrew Yee

Makeup by Dotti

Hair by Brent Lawler

In a world of 'no-makeup' makeup, there’s nothing quite like color to introduce a note of vibrance. A swipe of neon offers instant energy and bold primary colors and shimmering metallics are visual bywords for silver screen glamour.

For our inaugural beauty story - featuring four extraordinary women - there was a simple brief: more color. Chalk it up to our collective need for more joy; Margot thinks it’s time to ditch the drab and usher in a new age of light with unexpected hues.

We called on virtuoso makeup artist Dotti, known for her holistic, understated aesthetic, to create looks as distinct as the women themselves. The result, which balances restraint with fearlessness, uses pigment to draw focus on one part of the face while the rest of the skin remains fresh and light.

Christine Alcay with red lipstick on

LIPSTICK Hermès Lipstick in Orange Boîte
RINGS Bronze Rings from Michele Varian

Meet Christine Alcalay— Fashion designer and owner of boutiques Kiwi + Fig in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

christine alcalay with orange lipstick on

Christine, a mother of 3 who, in her youth, experimented with a dark goth-leaning aesthetic, gravitates to classic lipsticks in blue-based reds and berry colors - the ritual gives her polish and boosts her mood. “You always know if I’m feeling tired because I will have bright red lipstick on,” she says. For the shoot, the makeup artist applied the luxurious Hermès lipstick in the less-expected Orange Boîte hue (which Christine promptly purchased for herself after the shoot).

Willow Parchment with purple eyeshadow and bronze earrings on

EYESHADOWS by Pat Mcgrath Labs
EARRINGS Gold Hoops from Michele Varian
WAISTCOAT by Christine Alcalay

Meet Willow Parchment—a recent Vassar graduate and horticultural lover.

willow parchment wearing a white vest and purple eyeshadow on

Willow’s love of sparkle and iridescence started early. “I remember loving a gold shimmery eyeshadow that was my mother’s,” says the Gen-Z scholar. Here, Dotti’s look puts a sophisticated spin on the carefree delight of glimmery makeup. Shades of deep purple and pale lavender fade gently into bursts of pearly white. Paired with combed up brows, the eyeshadow look feels at once down-to-earth and ethereal.

Janet macgillivray wearing a teal shirt, gold earrings and red lipstick

LIPSTICK by Highr Collective Lipstick in Chiltern
EARRINGS from Michele Varian
SHIRT by Christine Alcalay
DISCOVER MORE ABOUT JANET Seeding Sovereignty @janetfortheplanet

Janet macgillivray wearing a teal shirt, gold earrings and red lipstick

Meet Janet MacGillivray— Mother, activist, environmental lawyer, two-time cancer survivor, founder of Seeding Sovereignty, a multi-lens community organization.

A red lip - symbolic of strength, vitality and elegance - is a no-brainer for Janet, a formidable leader and activist. To keep the stunning shade of red center stage, the rest of Janet’s look was kept streamlined and natural resulting in a modern spin on a timeless archetype. With a windblown updo and a bold teal top, the look allows Janet’s natural grace and resilience to shine bright.

Janet macgillivray wearing a teal shirt, gold earrings and red lipstick
Madeleine MacGillivray with dark green eyeshadow on

EYES Kjaer Weiss Sublime
DRESS by Christine Alcalay
NECKLACE Gold Dart Lariat from Michele Varian
EARRINGS Madeleine's own
DISCOVER MORE ABOUT MADELEINE @madeleinemacgillivray

Meet Madeleine MacGillivray—Climate advocate and sustainable brand consultant.

Madeleine MacGillivray wearing a pink shirt, green eyeshadow and gold necklace

Madeleine has been into sustainable and cruelty-free beauty since her college days. “When I started getting into makeup, I would paint this elaborate theatrical makeup. It was about being artistic. Now I wear minimal makeup day to day,” she says. Nevertheless, the environmental advocate, who often dresses minimal chic, believes everyone can benefit from a pop of color like the perfectly hued cateye created for the shoot. Madeleine recalls a recent event when she needed to inject personality into an all-black outfit. “I applied a dab of aqua-colored eyeshadow to my lids and softly blended them out. It gave me the vibrance I needed.”

Additional Makeup Credits

SKIN Kosas Tinted Face Oil
CHEEKS Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks
MASCARA Kjaer Weiss Im- Possible Mascara


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