Say the Word

Say the Word

For 2024, let’s abandon the idea of self-overhauling resolutions, however well-intentioned. Instead, we asked five extraordinary women to choose a single word to envision, inspire and manifest in the twelve months ahead.

Photography by Rose Callahan
Makeup by Regina Harris
Hair by Sherdon Lavan

Linda Pagan
Owner of The Hat Shop, New York


The world can be so dark, and we should all keep your LIGHT on to drive away the darkness!

Cheyney McKnight
Historical Interpreter, Public Historian, and Founder of Not Your Momma’s History


Even though I trust in the path that my ancestors have guided me on, I want to continue tohave the courage to walk firm on that path no matter what storms may come.

Talia Mota, PhD MPH
Professor of Life Sciences at NYU, and HIV Cure-Driven Scientist and Activist


For 2024, I don’t want to only occur— I want to arrive, and I want to show up in a riveting way.
I want to leave an epic impact so that if you’ve experienced me, I want you to be left intrigued, enchanted, and even captivated by our interaction.

Fay Leshner
Casting Director


This past year has offered many experiences, both difficult and celebratory, that encouraged reflection.
The state of mind I find myself in after reflecting on the past year is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being given opportunities to succeed, fail, learn, and gain perspective.

Yamuna Zake
Author, Body Educator, and Developer of Yamuna Education and Wellness Products


It’s the power of possibilities. What do I plan to do next?
What is next in my world of creating self-healing education for people of all ages? Next is the driving force to keep life and work going!


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